Console 9 – 2nd Good Day EP (2006)

The first EP on Synthactica Records came from the founder. The release contains 2 prog-house hits with Lacood’s progressive breakbeat reworks.
On August 2 in 2006 2nd Good Day EP reached position 4 on the bestseller digital weekly prog chart of Juno Records after 3 days!
Title: Console 9 – 2nd Good Day EP
Catalog: SYN001
Release date: 29 July, 2006
Available at:…ay/1218657-02/

DJ comments
– Console 9 – 2nd Good Day (Original Mix) –
M. English
Club Amika(south beach) Nikkis beach (south beach) Nacturnal
United States
Rating: 10
Reaction: Excellent
“super nice sounds like danny tenaglia”

John Kiser
Fuse Promotions (Florida)
United States
Reaction: Very Good
“This kicks ass. Wicked tribal feel. Deep, and chuggy. Should work well on any dancefloor.”

Justin George (Justin Neofotistos)
Family Productions/Sound Therapy/NM Sessions
United States
Reaction: Very Good
“Sleepy trippy civic beats!!!!”

– Console 9 – Haven’t We Met Before? (Original Mix) –
Elroy (Eli Rudenick)
BeatPimpz, Ryan Dykstra Nightlife, Twenty40
United States
Reaction: Very Good
“really liked they lead on this one, great breakdown, will get play”

The Mystic Force (Hans Temmerman) (Belgium)/Outsoon Mag (Belgium)/Go Mag (Holland)
Reaction: Good
“cool deep atmospheric track! ”

Eddy Good (Eddy Good)
Good Productions, UAM Entertainment, Ctudio 21(StarFM), Digital Good, Live&Famous, Flying Dutchman
Reaction: Good
“Think I start to like this new label”

– Console 9 – Haven’t We Met Before? (Lacood Prog Breax Remix) –
DJ Taucher (Ralph-Armand Beck)
Additive/Scuba/Avalanche/ (Germany)
Rating: 10
Reaction: Excellent
“what a wonderful track imagine to drive car your girlfriend next to you coming from a party and the sun comes
over the horizon you listen that track what else do you need_i will definitely play that track in my weekly 4 hour
progressive radio show…”

– Console 9 – 2nd Good Day (Lacood’s Prog Breax Mix) –
DJ Hano (Hiromi Ogata)
Reaction: Very Good
“good progressive breaks. I will use it.”